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This 100% natural ointment contains only natural ingredients for the skin.

The ointment has also NOT been tested on animals, (none of our products for that matter)

The hemp seed oil and a whopping 1000 mg CBD and 100 mg CBG will help soothe the skin and restore the moisture balance.


This 100% natural ointment contains the best of nature for your skin. 


CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory effect, which can have a positive effect on skin problems. 
Our ointment is made with minimal ingredients and is therefore free of any unwanted additives such as: preservatives, alcohol, hormones, cortisones and dyes.


As a result, the ointment can be used daily on even very sensitive skin types and with (severe) skin conditions. The ointment is also suitable for hydration and protection of baby's bottom. Because we have not used beeswax, this ointment is 100% suitable for vegans.


Ingredients: 50 ml ointment: hemp seed oil, coconut oil, candelilla wax, MCT oil, 1000 mg broad spectrum CBD.


Application CBD ointment:
Apply the ointment thinly to the skin 1 to a few times a day.
It is mostly used for the following complaints/conditions: • (Extremely) dry skin • Psoriasis/eczema • Post-shave irritation • Stubborn diaper rash • Insect bites





    Number of ml per jar: 50 ml,
    Number of milligrams of CBD: 1000 mg,
    Number of milligrams of CBG: 100 mg,
    Heated / decarboxed: Yes,
    Available in full spectrum: No,
    Available in broad spectrum: Yes,
    THC percentage: THC free

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