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About Us


With the passion to develop safe, effective and innovative CBD products at competitive prices, Rhythm&Harmony has been founded by an experienced team in the Netherlands. 

A combination of knowledge and high-quality standards throughout the entire value chain distinguish this fast-growing CBD company as reliable and efficient business partner.

Rhythm&Harmony produces the most innovative and high-quality CBD, CBN & CBG products which are offered with our own Retail Brand.

People all around the world profit from our  product line with different categories such as Personal Care and Edibles  to improve final customers lives, and creating health benefits for themselves.

With our Research & Development department we can offer our customers personalized compositions and flexibility on their demands.

As part of our rigorous quality control policy, a 3rd party laboratory analysis is conducted for each batch of product to insure its high-quality level.

Our main goal is to assist our clients as an ally and counsellor in their processes to become the healthiest version of themselves. 

Rhythm&Harmony, the nr 1 brand if you choose unbeatable quality and the highest standards!

Our Story

Who We Are And What We Do

How did it all start?

After a lot of conversations with my friend and colleague Wesley about our jobs, work and past together, and about our private life with private struggles, we started thinking about how we could contribute to a healthier and better way of life for the people around us, and of course ourselves.

Cancer was our starting point for this new venture, we have seen and still see it around us, sometimes we think it is everywhere, unfortunately this disease in different forms is directly related to our way of life.

Smoking, consuming processed foods are good examples of an unhealthy lifestyle.

And the use of pharmaceutical products when we feel ill or when we are in pain are good examples as well.

It is time to touch base again with nature and the great products nature is giving us.

Daily use of CBD products will eradicate free radicals from your body.

So that is how our webshop came to life.

Delivering pure and healthy products to maintain a healthy life again.

Since day one we have been working tirelessly in order to expand our website and product offerings to make our customer experience even better. 

We’re very proud of where we are today and looking forward in remaining committed to performing and delivering beautiful products in the near future.


Creating health benefits for everyone.

Our collection of products is carefully crafted with selected ingredients, so find out what we have in store for you in our web-shop.

Every batch in our store is lab-certified, HHC-products included.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or any suggestions!

Meet The Team


 Wesley DC.

Founder & CEO


Deborah H.

Office manager

arnold 3_edited.png

Arnold vS.

Founder & CEO

arnold 2.jpg

Enit R.

Office manager


Pablo vS.

Arnold&Enit's Dog

Balou DC.

Wesley&Deborah's Cat

Milou DC.

Wesley&Deborah's Cat

wes 1.png
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