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Members of the family

Your dog is truly a member of the family.

Like everybody else, you just want the very best for your four-legged friend!

At Rhythm&Harmony you will find everything you need to give your dog the care he or she deserves.

This way you can enjoy your pet's company for the active life they live in a healthy manner!

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Your cat is really your buddy.

That is why naturally, you only want the very best for your house tiger.

At Rhythm&Harmony, we'd love to help you with products to make your cat's life easier, and most important; healthier!


It has been researched that cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in our pet’s nervous system. This, in return, helps maintain their overall health.

In this way, you take care of your pet, and you take care of yourself!

Based on veterinary literature, CBD products help pets in the following ways:

  • Anti-inflammatory (i.e. hypersensitivity, dermatitis)

  • Reduction when in pain

  • Reduction in seizures and convulsions

  • Immune system support (i.e. autoimmune disease, cancer)

  • Nervous system support

  • Cardiovascular system support 

  • Reduction in anxiety

  • Gastrointestinal support

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